Healthy Business? Managerial Education and Management in Healthcare
N. Bloom, R. Lemos, R. Sadun, J. Van Reenen
Review of Economics and Statistics, 2020 | Article | Working Paper

Managing the Family Firm: Evidence from CEOs at Work
O. Bandiera, R. Lemos, A. Prat, R. Sadun
Review of Financial Studies, 2018| ArticleWorking Paper

International Data on Measuring Management Practices
N. Bloom, R. Lemos, R. Sadun, D. Scur, J. Van Reenen
American Economic Review P&P, 2016| Working Paper

Does Management Matter for Schools?
N. Bloom, R. Lemos, R. Sadun, J. Van Reenen
The Economic Journal (Conference Volume), 2015 | Working Paper
Coverage: The Economist, LiveMint, World Bank blog

The New Empirical Economics of Management
N. Bloom, R. Lemos, R. Sadun, D. Scur, J. Van Reenen
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2014
| Working Paper

Working Papers:

The Ties that Bind: Implicit Contracts and the Adoption of Management Technology in the Firm
R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper
Coverage: World Bank’s Development Impact blogThe EconomistLSE Business ReviewVoxDev

Measuring and Explaining Management in Schools: New Approaches using Public Data
C. Leaver, R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper

Developing Management: An Expanded Evaluation Tool for Developing Countries
R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper

Personnel Management and School Productivity: Evidence from India
R. Lemos, K. Muralidharan, D. Scur | Slides

Management in Pakistan: First Evidence from Punjab
R. Lemos, A. Choudhary, J. Van Reenen, N. Bloom | Working Paper

Management in Pakistan: Performance and Conflict
A. Choudhary, R. Lemos, J. Van Reenen | Working Paper

Selected Projects in Progress:

Managing for Learning: (In)Coherence in Education Systems in Latin America
M. Adelman, R. Lemos, R. Nayar, M. J. Vargas

Manager Selection and Student Learning: Evidence from a National  Reform in Peru
R. Lemos, C. Piza

Managing Shocks in Education: Evidence from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
M. Adelman, R. Lemos, J. Baron

Management Training, Principal Labor Supply, and Student Outcomes in Brazil
R. Almeida, L. Costa, I. Lautharte, R. Lemos

Policy and Popular Writing:

ESRC Evidence Briefing: Improving schools with better management, July 2014
Centre Piece Magazine: In brief: Does management matter in schools?, May 2014
The Guardian: Why school management matters even more than we thought, May 2014
Centre Piece Magazine: Bad management: a constraint on economic development? June 2013