Healthy Business? Managerial Education and Management in Healthcare
N. Bloom, R. Lemos, R. Sadun, J. Van Reenen
Review of Economics and Statistics, 2019 | Article | Working Paper

Managing the Family Firm: Evidence from CEOs at Work
O. Bandiera, R. Lemos, A. Prat, R. Sadun
Review of Financial Studies, 2018| ArticleWorking Paper

International Data on Measuring Management Practices
N. Bloom, R. Lemos, R. Sadun, D. Scur, J. Van Reenen
American Economic Review P&P, 2016| Working Paper

Does Management Matter for Schools?
N. Bloom, R. Lemos, R. Sadun, J. Van Reenen
The Economic Journal (Conference Volume), 2015 | Working Paper
Coverage: The Economist, LiveMint, World Bank blog

The New Empirical Economics of Management
N. Bloom, R. Lemos, R. Sadun, D. Scur, J. Van Reenen
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2014
| Working Paper

Working Papers:

The Ties that Bind: Family CEOs, Management Practices and Firing Costs 
R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper
Coverage: World Bank’s Development Impact blogThe EconomistLSE Business ReviewVoxDev

Measuring and Explaining Management in Schools: New Approaches using Public Data
C. Leaver, R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper

Developing Management: An Expanded Evaluation Tool for Developing Countries
R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper

Personnel Management and School Productivity: Evidence from Indian Schools
R. Lemos, K. Muralidharan, D. Scur | Slides

Management in Pakistan: First Evidence from Punjab
R. Lemos, A. Choudhary, J. Van Reenen, N. Bloom | Working Paper

Management in Pakistan: Performance and Conflict
A. Choudhary, R. Lemos, J. Van Reenen | Working Paper

Selected Projects in Progress:

The Returns to Employees’ Higher Education Quality for the Firm
R. Lemos

Policy and Popular Writing:

ESRC Evidence Briefing: Improving schools with better management, July 2014
Centre Piece Magazine: In brief: Does management matter in schools?, May 2014
The Guardian: Why school management matters even more than we thought, May 2014
Centre Piece Magazine: Bad management: a constraint on economic development? June 2013