Working Papers:

The Ties that Bind: Implicit Contracts and the Adoption of Management Technology in the Firm
R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper
Coverage: World Bank’s Development Impact blogThe EconomistLSE Business ReviewVoxDev

Measuring and Explaining Management in Schools: New Approaches using Public Data
C. Leaver, R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper

Developing Management: An Expanded Evaluation Tool for Developing Countries
R. Lemos, D. Scur | Working Paper

Personnel Management and School Productivity: Evidence from India
R. Lemos, K. Muralidharan, D. Scur | Slides

Management in Pakistan: First Evidence from Punjab
R. Lemos, A. Choudhary, J. Van Reenen, N. Bloom | Working Paper

Management in Pakistan: Performance and Conflict
A. Choudhary, R. Lemos, J. Van Reenen | Working Paper

Selected Projects in Progress:

Manager Selection and Student Learning: Evidence from a National  Reform in Peru
R. Lemos, C. Piza

Managing Shocks in Education: Evidence from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
M. Adelman, J. Baron, R. Lemos

Managerial Time Allocation and Student Learning: Evidence from Brazil
R. Almeida, L. Costa, I. Lautharte, R. Lemos

Managing for Learning: (In)Coherence in Education Systems in Latin America
M. Adelman, R. Lemos, R. Nayar, M. J. Vargas